She began her photography journey 6 years ago in Singapore and was guided by both professionals and amateurs. Since then she was fascinated with the beauty of the face and the human form and this drew her very strongly toward portrait and fashion photography.  I take inspiration from other photographers when conceptualizing shots and peeks at Pinterest and Tumblr. I spend a good amount of time looking at other people’s works so that I can learn from them.

Putting together a shoot can take around one to two weeks depending on the complexity and involves putting a team together—the model, the designer or stylist, and the makeup artist. The choice of model is important since that usually makes or breaks a shoot. Fortunately enough, it’s the modeling agencies that contacted her or the models themselves. It will be up to her to conceptualize the shoot and work with what the client needs in a shoot.

Specializing in portraits and fashion, she realizes that she needs to look at a person’s natural expression to get a hint of what other emotions may be possible. I also look at the eyes, skin tone, and other aspects of the fact while always trying to see how the model can be best made to handle the concept. Each model is different (as is each client) and determining the ability to handle a concept is a crucial skill of the photographer.

The photographer’s mood is very important and she makes sure she is easy to get along with and that all people in a shoot are comfortable working with her. Sometimes you don’t know the people you’re working with. You have to make sure they enjoy the photo shoot and don’t just see it as work. You also have to always be aware of your surroundings to use that effectively in your shoot.”

She utilizes natural light or strobes depending on the effect she wanted and prefers to utilize color in her shots. With fashion shots, that’s almost a no-brainer. “Viewers can see the makeup and the color of the clothes. You can play around and change the model’s skin tone or leave it as it is.”

For each photoshoot, she relies on her team’s creativity and the valuable people that contribute to the ideas. The whole process from start to finish truly excites her. As a photographer, she has been able to meet different people and make new friends and get some extra income out of it. Plus enjoy seeing how the models, the makeup artist, and especially the clients like how the photos turn out.

She believes in a complete collaboration of photographer, model, makeup artist, and stylist all guided by creativity to create the best images possible.”

“Photography now is my passion and always will be a part of me and what I do in my life”.



Vans Bacolod Aborot